Love's Awakening Intensive, Home
A powerful, life-changing shift in consciousness.

The Miracle of LoveŽ Seminar is an experience so profound that in six days you can experience unconditional love, connect more deeply to your truest nature, and expand your consciousness. Developed by two modern-day spiritual masters, Kalindi and The Lady, the Seminar is infused with a special assistance and transformational energy from God that is making this rapid shift in consciousness possible.

The seminar is a unique experience for each participant. It is not necessary to have any specific spiritual orientation or experience in meditation to participate. There are no doctrines taught that call for you to believe any one concept about God.

How you can benefit:

  • Go deeply within, in a safe and structured environment.
  • Connect to transformational energy that can help you break through blocks within that have been holding you back.
  • Find greater freedom and healing from the burdens of pain, fear, guilt, anger, and heartbreak.
  • Find more passion for life.
  • Learn the Modern-Day MeditationT, which can help you to open your heart, live calmly, think clearly, and make positive changes in your life.
  • Increase your love for yourself, for others, and for God.

Love's Awakening Intensive :: Meditation

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Love's Awakening Intensive, Home