Open Letter from the Outer/Inner Circle to all Sannyasin and non.

Sannyas who got recently enlightened and accepted by the Inner Circle of the Osho Meditation Resort in Poona and allowed to BE in the Resort.

Hello everyone.
As you all know we don't allow Sannyas who declared themselves free to teach in the Resort for the simple reason that this is Osho's place and it would cause confusion and madness to the new seekers coming here.
Just imagine 50 Masters fighting each other with 50 different teachings in 10 square hectares what would create, and imagine seekers walking around in 50 different shoes!
It would create only confusion and madness and would only rip people apart.
Further more we support everybody to become "Master of Himself " and if someone still needs a Master or Teacher we trust he will be guided by existence to the right one.
Here at the Meditation Resort the "Master Position" is already been taken long time ago by our beloved Osho, sorry.
What we need instead is dish washers at the Myriam canteen, helpers in the publishing area, gardeners and bar keepers.
However we decided to allow few of them because in tune with Osho's Vision.

They are:

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01 - Sw. Deva Boogie - sounds - click trough 2 times
02 - Ma Devasexy
- click trough 3 times
03 - Sw. Prem Bindu - still in silence - sounds
04 - Ma Deva Vampirella - specialized in esoterics
05 - Sw. Eric - cutting trough the lies
06 - Ma Genjitsuka - for Japanese only
08 - Ma Ego Buster- (anonymous)
- click trough 3 times
09 - Sw Saraswathi Manali Bharti - for Western only
10 - Sw.Steve W. - Amazonian Forests only - sounds
- click trough 3 times
11 - Sw. Saahas - the mind bender

12 - Sw. Harideva Love Baba
13 - Ma Green-Antybabe - new - She got enlightened trough dancing /695Kb - sounds

Due to the recent expansion of the premises we can accommodate a few more.
For further contact click here and some no-body will be back to you

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