Feel the Cosmos as a Translucent Ever-Living Presence
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If you have taken any drugs such as LSD or some such thing, the whole world around you becomes a light phenomenon of colors that are translucent, alive.
This is not because of LSD.
The world is such, but your eyes have become dull.
The LSD is not creating a colorful world around you.
The world is already colorful; nothing is wrong with the world.
It is a rainbow of colors - a mystery of colors and translucent light.
But your eyes have become dull.
That is why you can never feel it in such colorfulness. LSD is just clearing your eyes.
It is not making the world colorful. It is just helping your dullness to go chemically, and then the whole world erupts before you. It is a new thing.
Even an ordinary chair becomes a marvelous phenomenon. Just a shoe on the floor takes on new colors, a new youth.
Ordinary traffic noise becomes musical.
Trees you have always seen but never looked at are born anew though you have always passed them by and you know you have seen them.
Every leaf of a tree is a miracle.
And this is how reality is.
It is not the LSD which is creating this reality. LSD is just destroying your dullness, your insensitivity, and you look at the world as one should really look.
But LSD can only give you a glimpse, and if you depend on it, sooner or later even LSD will not be able to remove your dullness. Then you will need greater doses, and then you will become immune to greater doses.
And, really, if you then leave LSD or other drugs, the world will be duller than it ever has been. Then you will become even more insensitive.

Just a few days ago a girl came to see me.
She said she could not feel any orgasm in the love act.
She has tried many men, but she cannot feel any orgasm. The peak never comes, and she has become frustrated.
So I asked her to tell me her whole love and sex life - the whole story. Then I discovered that she had been using an electric vibrator.
Now in the West they are using these.
Once you use an electric vibrator as a male penis, then no male can satisfy you because an electric vibrator is, after all, an electric vibrator.
Then your vagina and clitoris will go dead, dull, and then orgasm will become impossible.
Then there won't be any possibility of any orgasm. You will now need a more powerful electric vibrator, and this can go to such an extreme that your total sexual mechanism will become stony.

And this is happening to our every sense.
If you use any outer device, you will become dull.
LSD will make you dull ultimately because with it you are not growing.

If YOU grow, then it is a different process.
Then you become more sensitive, and as you become more sensitive the world becomes different.
Now you can sense many things you never sensed before because you were not sensitive.

Actually, oxygen and nitrogen are basic elements of existence. They can be of much use, but for reasons the politicians have been against chemicals of all kinds, all drugs. The very word drug has become dangerous.
They are so against drugs because people can come to know themselves, and when people come to know themselves politicians lose their power over them -and they love their power. In the Vedas they call it soma, the essence, and since those ancient days until today, all those who know have recognized, either directly or indirectly, that chemicals can be of immense service to man. Man is chemistry, so is existence. All is chemistry. We cannot avoid its influence.


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Just a little LSD ......
and the real you is exposed!

courtesy Sw. Prasado

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